Tuesday, July 6, 2010

25,000 Point Club

In the beginning of April I presented the girls with a big challenge.  It's called the 25,000 point club.  They have 5 months to score 25,000 points per player.  It's NOT mandatory.  I wanted this to be something the girls wanted to work for to prove they want to get better.  It started April 4th and will end August 28th.  The average amount of points they need to score a day is 170 points.  A week is 1,191 points.  A month is 5,000. They can get these points by going to camps, playing in team camps, shooting, dribbling, playing 1 on 1, playing AAU, scrimmaging on their own...etc.  If they shoot 2's they get to 2 points for each one they make.  They have been recording every shot.

For those who complete this task they will be rewarded. I can see some big changes in a some of these girls that have really stayed on top of this and I am very proud of them because it's not an easy task.  At the end of July we will pick 3 winners that will recieve 1,000 points a piece.  It will go to the "best newcomer" and the "most improved" and finally "the best hustler."  These will be BIG accomplishments too. 
Parents...Please encourage this girls to keep it up!  It's going to pay off.  Go out and rebound for them.  This will help them get more shots in.  I know they would appreciate your help and be more willing to stick it out.

At this moment they should have 15,483 points to
be on target.

Here are the top 5 at the moment: (These are their points as of Sunday).

Noelle Hall 16,231
Caraline Grossheim 15,360
Maleah Smith 15,303
Kristin Hulsey 14,860
Carley Harrison 8,929

2 people that are coming close to 10,000 are...
Addie Harrison 7,946
Tatayna Rutherford 7,456

We have a few girls who were hurt or came late and here are their GOAL POINTS:
Ally Davis 20,000 (she was hurt for a month)
Madison Jacbobs 20,000
Ann Marie Mitchell 15,000

I will be update this when the program is complete.  GOOD luck ladies!! Keep working hard!

"If you train hard, you'll not only be hard, you'll be hard to beat." -Herschel Walker

"One day of practice it like one day of clean living.  It doesn't do you any good." Abe Lemmons

"Champions keep playing until they get it right."  -Billie Jean King

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