Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mars Hill vs. Florence 55-37

Addie 2
Caraline 22
Ann Marie 16
Jessie 2
Tatyana 2
Carley 6
Morgan 2
Noelle 3

This game was going to be a big challenge especially after coming off such a big win.  The girls played another great game for 32 minutes.  This was a fun game to coach.  All of the girls contributed to a big win!

Mars Hill vs. Hatton 59-57

Addie 4
Caraline 10
Ann Marie 20
Jessie 8
Tatyana 1
Carley 5
Morgan 11

We knew this would be a tough area game at Hatton.  We battled with Hatton for 32 minutes.  We were so proud of the girls because this was the first game we saw them play for 32 minutes.  It was SOLID play too.  Ann Marie had a career high of 20 points.  She was one rebound short of a double-double. Every girl played a significant role in this game...whether it was on defense, or offense.  Morgan finished the game off with 2 big free throws.
What a great feeling we had after this game!

Mars Hill vs. Lexington 44-61

Addie 3
Caraline 10
Ann Marie 4
Jessie 3
Tatyana 2
Carley 7
Morgan 12
Noelle 3

This was a tough game.  Lexington is one of the best teams we will meet this year.  They have 4 seniors that play a big role in their success.  They are great shooters and drivers.  We knew this would be a tough match.  I don't feel as if we played to the best of our potential for 32 minutes.  That leaves for a bitter taste in your mouth.  I hope we will take this loss and use it the next time we face them.

Mars Hill vs Woodland 42-45

Addie 2
Caraline 14
Ann Marie 9
Jessie 3
Carley 3
Morgan 8
Maleah 3

This game was very disheartening.  It was a game that we should have won.  We made too many mistakes and didn't finish like we are capable of finishing.
Woodland was ranked #4 at the beginning of the year but I still believe that we were the better team.  This will be the game that sticks out in my head all year.  However, we will learn from games like these in hopes that they will prepare us for other games.

Mars Hill vs Belgreen 56-36

Caraline 16
Ann Marie 10
Kristin 2
Carley 5
Morgan 7
Sara 6
Noelle 4
Maleah 4
Sierra 2

This is the 4th time we met Belgreen this year.  We faced them 3 times at camp.  It's hard to beat a team 4 times and we did that.  Belgreen has some athletic girls that go very hard.
Our girls matched up well with them and brought it to them for 32 minutes.

Mars Hill vs Clements 32-44

Addie Harrison 4
Caraline Grossheim 11
Ann Marie Mitchell 2
Jessie Bratcher 2
Tatyana Rutherford 3
Morgan Leavitt 9
Noelle Hall 1

We knew this would be a tough game.  We were stepping up to the former State Champions.  They have an unbelievably athletic post player.  She is tall and quick.  Our posts held her to 17 points.  I know this does not sound like a huge accomplishment but it is.  They battled with her all night and it was good to see our post play step up on defense. To only lose to Clements by 12 is a great success.  They have a solid ball team with some very athletic kids.

Mars Hill vs Colbert Heights 59-25

Addie Harrison 2
Caraline Grossheim 9
Jessie Bratcher 25
Tatyana Rutherford 4
Carley Harrison 2
Morgan Leavitt 10
Noelle Hall 2
Maleah Smith 3
Sierra Patterson 2

Jessie Bratcher shot the lights out.  She not only had a great shooting night but had a great night on defense.
We enjoy seeing all the players participate in a win like tonight.