Monday, June 28, 2010

Drive-in Movie

We finally got to have a team movie night.  Some of you are familiar with Adam's parent's house in Killen. They have a big white house and they project movies onto the side of their house.  It's their own little drive-in movie.  We all went out there for a movie night.  On the menu: pizza, cokes and little debbies (we decided not to do a 5 course meal).  Adam's grandaddy (Harrison "Ike" Clemmons) made us popcorn for the movie.  We watched The Blindside.  It was a toss up between that and Mulan. haha No, really the girls did want to watch Mulan.  We had a great time.  We let some of the younger girls that played with JV (at UNA camp) come along and they seemed to enjoy it too.
Thanks Robin and Amy Rutledge for hosting the drive-in movie.  Thanks Chad Wilson for projecting it.

(L to R) Mary Brooke Willis, Anna-Katherine Green, Hannah Holt, Abby Stutts

(L to R) Kristin Hulsey, Noelle Hall, Bailey Jackson, Madison Jacobs (newest edition, glad to have her.  she is in 9th grade and is from Loretto)

Ann Marie Mitchell enjoying herself like usual 

Sara Bayles (why so sad Sara?), Maleah Smith, Caraline Grossheim, Ally Davis, Bailey Plunket, Tatayana Rutherford, Morgan Leavitt

Ollie the bulldog really enjoyed the girls

It's weird that the movie does not show up in pictures but it was playing at the time.  
We had a great view :)

The gang after the movie. 

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