Saturday, November 20, 2010

MHBS vs. Florence 37-29

What a way to start off our season with a VICTORY!
I am very proud of this team and how they pulled together for the game tonight.
We subbed in and out and we really never saw a big difference from one group to the next and that's how we want it.
However, our shooting percentage was very low.  We missed too many close shots.  That will happen from game to game but I am glad we stepped it up on defense to cover some ground.

Addie Harrison-2
Caraline Grossheim-4
Ann Marie Mitchell-8
Jessie Bratcher-5
Tatyana Rutherford-8
Morgan Leavitt-2
Sara Bayles-4
Noelle Hall-2
Maleah Smith-2

I want to point on Maleah and Noelle.  They may only have 2 points a piece but their defense on the bigger post players was outstanding.  They got in there and battled with them and stopped their best player in the second half. 

I could say something positive about every player.  They all played an important role and we hope they will keep this intensity going throughout the whole season.

Keep Caraline and Bailey Jackson in your thoughts and prayers.  Caraline hurt her knee last night.  She will find something out soon about it and we will keep you posted.  Bailey J will stay off her knee for 2 weeks.  Hopefully, the swelling will go down and she will be back on the court.  We will keep you posted about her as well.

Carley Harrison had a cyst removed a few weeks ago and has been working to get back in the swing of things going full speed.  Pray for her speedy recovery as well.

Again, I am very proud of the way they girls handled themselves tonight.  We know most the time the refs won't be 100% fair but we will never make that an excuse.  They were very poised for 32 minutes.
Next game will be at Lauderdale County.  This will be a battle.  We look forward to it.

JV: 41-26 L

We knew coming into this game it would be a tough game.  We pulled up two 7th graders and an 8th grader.  They have not practiced with us at all.  We are also missing Bailey Jackson from a knee injury.  Kristin and Bailey really stepped up on offense.

First quarter was 18-0 (them)
Second quarter 10-8 (us)
Third quarter 8-10 (them)
4th quarter 8-5 (us)

As you see, we dug ourself a hole the first quarter.  We played with them the rest of the way.  We are proud of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th quarter.  We were scrappy and worked hard.  They were athletic and had a deep bench.  We did not win but we like to see players taking their opportunities and making the most of them. These girls did that.  Our next JV game is Monday vs. LCHS.

Kristin Hulsey-10
Ellen Davenport (8th grader)-2
Bailey Plunket-14

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